Losing a loved one, whether a parent, spouse, child or aunt or uncle, is an especially difficult ordeal. Although time to grieve and carry out a relative's last wishes is important, there are also many other logistics that need to be discussed and planned out around this time.

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A memorial picture of the lost loved one offers a warm touch that really helps bring out the best of a person's life. Another great way to honor a loved one's passing during a ceremony involving a cremation is to purchase a flowered wreath that can sit around the urn that holds the ashes. Not only will this help to add a special touch to the ceremony, but it will remind guests coming to pay their respects that life is everlasting, as seen with the beautiful blossoms.

► Elegant Love Graceful Cross
[TMF-752] $99.95 

► Peaceful Pink Heart Spray
[TMF-715]  $129.95 

Heaven's Sunset Large Urn
[TMF-703]  $189.95 

► Sweetheart Standing Spray
[TMF-717] $199.95

► Royal Wreath
[TMF-736] $359.95

► Touching Tribute Spray
[T234-1A] $195.95

► Honor Spray
[TMF-725] $148.95

► Ray of Sunshine Tribute
[TMF-763] $239.95

► Devotion
[TMF- 754]  $219.95

► Peaceful Pink Large Urn
[TMF-712]  $179.95 

► Heaven's Sunset Small Urn
[TMF-704] $99.95 

► In Memoriam Wreath
[T253-1A] $261.95

► Enduring Strength Basket
[TMF-737] $209.95

► Pink & White Elegance Vase
[TMF-756] $259.95

► Honor Basket Tribute
[TMF-724] $239.95

► Plants and Sunshine
[TMF-766] $79.95

► Stately Lilies
[TF-217-1A]  $184.95

► Precious Heart Surround
[TMF-720]  $179.95 

► Sunset Wreath
[T254-1A] $211.95 

► Soft and Sweet Surround
[TMF-719] $179.95

► Enduring Strength Surround
[TMF-740] $199.95

► Adoring Heart
[T273-9A] $89.95

► Honor and Glory Centerpiece
[TMF-727] $146.95

► Rays of Sunshine Surround
[TMF-767] $239.95